Youth Theatre

Performing arts, drama and Movie acting classes for children age 3 to 9 year olds starting in October 2018.


Sign in your 'shining star' today to avoid disappointment. Limited availability.

Improve your children existing skills and build new ones.


Prepare your children for the theatre and acting world or just build up their confidence to achieve and create beautiful things in life. 

Weekend classes


Easy way for parents to manage their children classes between going to work and week days duties.


Why Kids Born To Shine?

I am professionally trained in both stage and screen acting/performing. 

I also have years of experience in Performing arts and in working with Young children.

Our Classes and What We Do

Performing arts, Stage and Screen acting.

Our sessions will include:

Warm -Up, The Freeze Rule, Emotions,

Changing voices, Character,Mime,

Musical Statues, Focus, Dancing, Singing, Acting, Plays, Script writing, 

Directing, Monologues, Trust Exercises,

Confidence building,Health and Beauty for Body and Mind, How to audition and do I want an acting career?

and Much More....

Starting date and time

Starting date is 28th of October 2018 at 10:30 am. 

We are going to meet every Sunday of the year excluding our summer and winter/Christmas holiday.

Yearly Performance

Each Year all the children will be performing for their parents, family and friends in a special show, specially created for the 'little performers' to show off their skills and achievements. 

There will be grades and certification with each season performance.

Tickets for the show to be purchased by parents for a small fee to cover the cost.


We are based in The  Deep End at Rawlings Accademy, Quorn, LE12 8DY (entrance via Sarson Street)

Price and Block Booking

The price is £5 for 1 hour session.

The booking fee of £25 is to reserve your place and it covers the session fees for 5 weeks (from 28/10/18 to 25/11/18 including).

The fee is non refundable.

Future payments can be made by PayPal, Card, Bank Transfer or Payed in Cash. Future payments will be for a whole season approx. every 4 months to secure the numbers of children in order to have the end of season show.




Branded T-shirts can be purchased in October 2018.

'Little performers' must wear black legginess or loose black bottoms and clean trainers for each session. 

Performer Rules

Don't be late for sessions

Be tidy and smart

Don't use inappropriate language or behaviour with the teacher or the rest of the children.

Do not leave the primacies before your parents arrive.

Do not take props home.

No fighting  and arguing.

Respect everyone.

Respect the premises.

Help tiding up.

Say Thank you and Please.

Enjoy yourself!


All parents should pick up their children on time and make sure that their child stays hydrated and eats well before and after the session.

Parents must let the teacher know if the child is not feeling well and in case of illness the 'little performer' should stay at home and get better.

Only parents that I have met can pick up the children, unless I have been informed otherwise and a security code has been set up between us.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!