My House

I pride myself on having a safe, clean and smoke free home. I have a beautiful enclosed garden full of equipment and toys, which is always open to the children.  I am within walking distance of parks, a lake, library, duck pond and local shops, and a frequent visitor to all of them! 

There is a large modern open planned kitchen and diner, a large living room, a day room/play room, an office area, downstairs toilet, 4 bedrooms, a bath, shower room, parking spaces, front and back garden.

Toys/Activities at my setting

  • Books for all ages
  • Teddy bears and fluffy animals 
  • Baby dolls, pushchairs, cots and prams·  Jigsaws and puzzles for all ages· 
  • Lights and sounds activity toys·  
  • Colouring books, pencils & crayons· 
  • Dressing up·  Talking books· 
  • Games ie hungry hippos, buckaroo, twister etc 
  • Action men and Barbie  
  • Messy play ie paints, glue, crafts 
  • Play Doh/Moonsand 
  • Cars and a Licenced Ferrary Electric car 
  • Play kitchen, food and utensil
  • Play tents and tunnels 
  • Bikes and scooters  
  • Slide, swing, climbing frame and trampoline in garden 
  • Ride ons 
  • DVD’s 
  • Many, many more …………….. 

All toys are checked and cleaned regularly.  Broken ones are thrown away and replaced.  Babies' toys are cleaned weekly as they tend to put everything in their mouths.  

Weekly planner

I believe children feel secure in a routine as they know what to expect.  However, all routines should be flexible and I do adapt the activities to the individual interests of the children. 

I also allow children to choose what activities they want to do because child-led play is important. It gives the child control over what they are doing which improves their confidence and keeps them stimulated. I provide an environment where the child can develop through play making new discoveries and taking risks within safe boundaries. 

I also have some structured lessons for children in order to give them literacy, maths, arts and all the essential life skills required in their successful future.

I try to take the children out daily to different places including library, local museums, parks, garden, walks, local farms,etc.

I have a special children exercise daily routine for creating healthy life style habits.

I organise different performing arts activities for the children- they include singing, dancing, performing, learning, reading, pretending, acting, etc. I am a trained actor/performer and I intend to use my skills when training in my settings. Performing arts will build children confidence and a good self-esteem.

3 and 4 year olds

I understand that 3 and 4 year old children need a more structured approach to learning and therefore their individual learning plans will include specific themes to get them ready for school.  I will incorporate a more focused approach to learning during our day together taking into account the child's interests.