House Rules


I have the following house rules and we encourage anybody who enters our house to work with them. This gives children a clear understanding as to what is expected of them and to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. 

· No shoes inside the house - Always take your shoes off before entering the house. This way we keep the settings germs free and clean for everybody to enjoy. 

· Food is to be eaten at the table- This is so the children can learn table manners and so that I can see what they are eating. It also ensures that food isn’t hidden behind the sofa and left to rot for three days. 

· Be polite- I like to hear please and thank you and not just from children. I expect adults to be as polite to the children as they would like the children be to them. 

I also encourage people to listen to what someone has to say without interrupting them. Swearing is also not allowed (even if you’ve had a bad day). 

· Wash your hands- I ensure that hands are cleaned before food is eaten and prepared, after going to the toilet, messy time, being in the garden/park and touching animals. 

· Use furniture properly- Chair’s and sofa’s are for sitting. Bed’s are for sleeping. Trampoline’s are for jumping! 

· Share - My children share the toys with all visitors, and I expect everyone else to share in the same way. If you want to play with a toy that someone else has, ask for it, don’t snatch it. This helps to keep toys in good condition.   

· Respect others- Treat others, as you wish others to treat you.  

· Physical and verbal abuse is not tolerated- No hitting, kicking, pulling hair, biting, shouting or threatening behaviour. I will work with parents if I feel their child is a bully or the victim of bullying. 

· Don’t get into the dog area and kennel- The dog area is kept closed at all times- this way the dog is out only when we want him to be and kids don’t have contact with germs and dog bowls and food. 

· Don’t try to go outside the house and garden premises without Childminder supervision! 

Don’t touch or play with house keys, and if keys found hand them immediately to the Childminder. Trying to or going out of the premises without supervision is very dangerous and it is not permitted at any time. 

· Don’t open cupboards and draws  

· No writing on walls, furniture or floor.    

Thank you!

Thank you for your understanding :)