I do not provide food and ask that all parents provide a lunch box for their child containing all the food they will require for the day.  I would respectfully ask that no chocolate or sweets are included.  Other children do not understand why one child has sweets when they do not.  Also, during the summer we go out a lot and chocolate tends to melt by lunchtime. All food and drink will be consumed at the table and we will all sit and eat together at meal times to ensure that this is a regular, pleasant and social event.  I sit with the children and encourage them to talk and listen to each other, learning to respect each other’s views and opinions, likes and dislikes, etc.  I encourage children to take turns, share and be polite and also encourage common courtesies such as saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. 

Please could bottles be supplied already sterilised with powdered milk or ready for use which I will keep in the fridge.


I will provide fresh spring water and organic whole milk for each child.


I will advise and follow a healthy eating diet for all children- plenty of fruits and vegetables, no high sugary drinks, no chocolates and sweets on the premises. 


Can please all the parents provide 2 x clean hand towels for their child from the first day at the settings.

I will be washing them on regular bases.