Hourly rate: £4.50 per hour 

Bank holidays (I do not work bank holidays): No fee 

Parent/child holiday/sickness: No fee (1 month notice for a holiday)

Childminder sickness:  No fee Occasional day off parent/child term-time:  No fee ( as long as I have been told in advance)
Term-time* contracts parent/child holiday (taken during term-time): No fee, when 1 month notice period is followed

Term-time contracts: No fee during holidays
Childminder holiday:  No fee

Settling in period:  No fee 

Late payment fee:    £5 per day if not notice given


All fees are payable a month in advance and to be received by the 1st of each month.   

Late payment will be charged at £5 per day.

 I accept payment by online banking, cash or cheque (which must be cleared by 1st of the month). 

Late Collection/Early drop off