Our New 2019 Activity Planner:

• PE – developing different methods of travel and movement along with basic ball skills. Basic Gymnastic, Tennis, Stretching, Work out, Running, Walking, Jumping. • Music- listening and matching sounds, the beat and echo songs. How to play with instruments. Active listening to recorded music- Parade of the Tin Soldiers by Leon Jessel, Tchaikovsky’s Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker and many more. • Reading- English children books • Basic French for Toddlers  • Basic Bulgarian for Toddlers • Drama and Performing arts- including, singing (nursery rhyme and more), dancing, performing, script exploring and learning, role play • Numbers, Alphabet, Colors and Shapes • Story telling • Worldwide Festival exploringMy Career days- we will be exploring different professions and what they involve, using role-play and age appropriate toys. • Healthy Diet sessions- exploring the healthy diet, physical activity importance. • Happy day- encouraging smiles, laugh and hugs • Outdoor Learning- outings, bird watching, garden play, basic gardening skills • Birthday Disco - to celebrate the special days and a small gift for the birthday boy/girl • Arts and Crafts- painting, decorating, drawing, sensory play and activities, play doh, card making and many more  • Learning through play- Puzzles, Jigsaws, Duplo, Robots  • Food preparing

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