Thank you for your interest!

As a working mother myself, I understand how difficult it can be to leave your child in the hands of someone else.  I hope to make this transition a little easier for you and your child. 

My experience as a parent, my training as a childminder and my performing arts  background have provided me with strong skills in childcare.  I feel very comfortable and competent caring for children of all ages. 

 I aim to provide a wide range of opportunities in the form of interactive, fun and challenging activities to enable children of all backgrounds and abilities to develop and learn through play in a caring, supportive and happy environment.  

I fully understand the importance of learning through play and appreciate that each child is unique.  What one child enjoys, another may not.  

I believe that children should be treated with respect and that they learn from positive role models. 

Children are Born To Shine and I provide the right setting for this, in order to discover kids individual talents and build up their confidence.